Here is a Samsung phone tutorial on how to turn on / off the Voice Assistant, which many users get confused with when accidentally turned on. As mentioned earlier, use two fingers instead of one to slide up the screen. Swipe over to the “All” list. Tap on it to activate. Required fields are marked *. What you need to do is press the Volume Up and Volume Down button at the same time. Go back to the Home screen. Afterward, select the “Voice wake-up” option. Or you can directly tap “Enable” but there will be a risk that your phone may behave unexpectedly. The Voice Assistant is a very helpful function especially for the … I’m not only talking about those annoying pre-installed carrier or third-party apps, but also about Samsung’s own apps, which are supposed to “improve” your user experience. Can anyone help me with turning off the voice assistance? There is a change with the touchscreen operation once you activated Voice Assistant. A window will appear explaining how Voice Assistant (TalkBack) will operate on your phone. Scroll down and select “S Voice“. Just press the Center Button and it will be turned off. S Voice, Which was launched to rival Apple’s Siri… Samsung ships its Galaxy devices and Smart TVs with the Bixby AI assistant. Double-tap “Accessibility”. Go to “Settings”. Read the tutorial and tap “NEXT” to continue to the next page. Disable Bixby. Turning off Voice Guide using Voice Command. All Samsung Galaxy S device owners face the same issue – bloatware. Locate “Settings” and double-tap. There will be a toggle slider to turn off Voice Assistant. In this Samsung smartphone tutorial article, we laid out the complete guide on activating Voice Assistant on your phone. Locate and go to “Settings”. Slide up the screen with two fingers to open the app drawer. Aside from phones, Samsung also installs Voice Assistant (Bixby) on TVs. In the future, avoid pressing both Volume keys at the same time. Then double-tap the Settings app. How to Partially Disable Google Assistant on Galaxy S20, S10. This is because your phone is currently on Voice Assistant mode. Find the “Settings” icon and once you locate it, tap to open. There is one simple way to turn off Voice Assistant instantly. Screenshot_20170802-231008.png ‏123 KB 0 Likes Help please. The good thing is that you can turn on the ones you want to use and disable the rest. The most interesting and useful feature of Samsung Bixby is ‘Bixby Voice’. Bixby Voice Assistant. Open … You might need to scroll down until you see the “Accessibility” menu. How do I turn off the annoying voice assistant on my S7? That’s why you need to do a different configuration to turn it off. Tap Explore, select your profile icon, and choose Settings. tap with 4 fingers or swipe up then down with 3 fingers. Tap on Search, Assistant & Voice. By default, Voice Assistant is turned off on your phone. Go to settings.. 2.Accessibility and then go to vision.. 3.From this menu click on voice assistant and turn the feature on, you may get a pop up you only need to click OK.(If you are disabling the feature read the section below). You can use the command for automatic activation to unlock your phone and go directly to the Google Assistant … Tap Vision. How to Disable Voice Assistant in SAMSUNG Galaxy A50? Your email address will not be published. If your Samsung TV remote has a microphone button, you can turn off the Voice Guide as follows: Press and hold the microphone button on your remote. There is one simple way to turn off Voice Assistant instantly. When you finish with the tutorial, tap “DONE”. If you fall into the latter category, you can opt to turn Bixby off. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Here’s what you need to do: Congratulations! You will see a message on the screen informing that the Voice Assistant has been disabled. Read the tutorial. Say “Voice guide off“, or “Turn off Voice guide.” If you want to disable Voice Assistant, follow the steps below on how to turn off voice assistant on Samsung phone: Now that you have disabled Voice Assistant, you can operate your phone with the usual gestures such as tapping with one touch and scrolling with one finger. Using the remote, highlight “Off” then press OK. Press the Home button. The “Settings” app handles almost every configuration on your phone. It’s easy to solve this issue, as we showed in the tutorials on how to turn off Voice Assistant on Samsung devices. Don’t forget to spread this knowledge among your friends on social media. This feature will still be available although Bixby is turned off. It helps people with disabilities and other limitations to navigate gadgets with ease. It was Unveiled during a press event on February 20, 2019, they are scheduled to be … If you hear no response, then it means you have disabled the feature correctly. Now you can use your Samsung phone in a normal way. All Samsung phones have this feature and we can argue it’s a helpful feature for people who need it. I have to double tap everything, but I can not scroll down to the accessibility under settings, to turn it off. Turn off the Voice Guide. If voice control is enabled in samsung then whatever you touch you will hear the audio for that. How to Enable Voice Assistant in SAMSUNG Galaxy A40? Before deactivating it, always remember that the usual tap becomes double-tap and scrolling/swiping requires two fingers instead of one. Since the Voice Assistant is enabled, you need to double-tap instead of tapping once like usual. A confirmation window will appear. Turn automatic lock screen activation on or off Press the indicator next to "Access with Voice Match" to turn the function on or off. Under the Assistant tab, select your device and turn off the switch next to Google Assistant. The voice assistant feature on Smart TVs makes it easy to control the device and get things done using the voice commands. You can press the HOME key to close the “Settings” app and return to the home screen. Aside from the Bixby Voice Assistant, Samsung TVs also have the Voice Guide feature. 1. Tap “Accessibility”. On top of the menu, you’ll see “Voice Guide Settings”. Disabling through the Settings app isn’t as instant as the Volume keys method. That way, the feature won’t bother you anymore. Scroll using two fingers then double-tap on “Accessibility” once you find it. Go to “Screen Reader”. Tap Accessibility. This time you only need to tap once since Voice Assistant has been turned off. Click the 3 dots at the top right hand corner and select "show system apps" then scroll down and select "Samsung Voice input" with the Mic icon (not the Bixby icon) and disable yw! Simply head over to the Downtime option … No need to panic when the Voice Assistant accidentally enabled again. So, that’s all the Samsung phone tutorial for Voice Assistant. Samsung decides to turn off its S Voice assistant 1 Share Company said SamsungLater this year, she plans to stop her Voice Assistant (Voice). Find the “Settings” option. triple tap with 3 fingers. Tap the slider. I have read to swipe with 2 fingers etc. Go back to settings > System > Accessibility > voice guide. Gadget Review, Troubleshooting and Tutorial, Alcatel Flip Phone Problems and How to Fix Them. And they’re having a hard time figuring out how to disable it and they would end up frustrated. How to remove Google Assistant from the home button on a Samsung phone. Open the Settings app. The reason you would want to turn off and disable S Voice would because it would make it easier to access Google Now. Some apps, however, do more harm than good. On the first line, you will see “Voice Assistant” and the word “ON” under it. Bixby works like Alexa or Google Assistant. Your email address will not be published. The Voice Assistant is a very helpful function especially for the … Toggle it on and off; then wait for a few moments while for it to go off. If you see any wrong or incomplete data, please contact us. That doesn't do any good. Quickly Turn Off Voice Assistant on Samsung Phone. It takes quite some time to explore the Settings menu to turn the feature off. It’s recommended to try the Setting app method below. To test if Bixby is successfully deactivated, say “Hey Bixby” to your TV. To summarize, Voice Assistant is one of the useful accessibility features on Samsung phones. While it’s very easy to replace Bixby with Google Assistant on Android, we don’t have any such option on Samsung … @Evie123: If you have Voice Assistant active, and you have a password or PIN on the device, then please long press on each character so the phone responds, then double tap on it to enter.It can be a bit fiddly, but make sure that the phone reads out the character that you're long pressing, before you double tap it. Underneath we’ll get into a portion of the arrangements on How To Turn Voice Input On / Off Samsung Galaxy S10 / S10+ / S10e. However, it is also the one that often turns on accidentally. Here you will find a slider button to toggle Voice Assistant on or off. In this article, we are going to show you the steps to turn off S Voice on Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Step 2 : Double tap Screen reader . Slide up the home screen. double tap with 3 fingers. What you need to do is press the Volume Up and Volume Down button at the same time. Slide up from the bottom of the screen to open the app drawer. To find “Accessibility”, you might need to scroll down because the menu is located at the bottom. You can't uninstall the Google Assistant, but you can disable it: On your Android phone or tablet, touch and hold the Home button or say "Ok Google." 5. Toggle Off the Google Assistant. Tap “Voice Assistant”. For those who don’t need this feature, it can be frustrating. Users will start from the home screen. If you fall into this category, in this article we also explain how to turn Voice Assistant off. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. That way you will know what to do when this issue occurs again in the future. Here’s the step-by-step tutorial on how to turn off Voice Assistant on Samsung phones through Settings: That’s it! Software updates have changed the process of disabling Bixby, Samsung's often-unwanted voice assistant. Double-tap again here. Find the “Settings” app and open it by double-tapping the icon. The Voice Assistant on Samsung devices is a helpful feature. Then select the “Accessibility” menu. Tap on the toggle button next to Google Assistant to disable it. Despite our efforts to provide full and correct phone specifications, there is always a possibility of making a mistake. Swipe down from the top of the screen to pull down the Notification Shade. Tap “Vision”. Congratulations, now you know how to turn Voice Assistant on or off. Scroll using the left navigation key and select this menu. Step 3 : Tap on Voice Assistant until we see the blue outline show … By default, Bixby is set to “On”. Just follow the tutorial above and your phone will back to normal again. With this method, the Google Assistant will partially disable on your Samsung S10 and … This feature provides voice feedback, where it tells you what’s on screen. For those that own a Samsung Galaxy J7, you mant want to know how to turn off S Voice. As a result, instead of helpful, it becomes annoying. - Tap on Voice Wake-Up and turn off Wake With Hi, Bixby - Turn off Use While Phone Locked - Turn off Bixby Dictation - Tap on Bixby Key and change it to Double Press to Open Bixby - Turn off Marketing Notification - Go to your home screen and press and hold it to get the widget-configuration mode - Swipe left and toggle off Samsung … Today I will show you how to get to The Voice Assistant option, how to Turn It On and Off. On your TV remote control, search for this button and press it. Tap the switch to turn it off. Google Assistant is now disabled. Turn off the button next to … Select “General”. Option #2 : Please go to menu Setting > Accessibility > Screen reader, and choose turn off Voice Assistant. Scroll to the very left and select “Settings”. Every Samsung smartphone comes with an assistant feature called Voice Assistant or TalkBack on older devices. In this article, we explain how to turn off Voice Assistant on Samsung phones and TVs. Quickly Turn Off Voice Assistant on Samsung Phone, Turn Off Voice Assistant on Samsung Phone through Settings, Samsung Galaxy A10e Review: Pros and Cons, Common Amazon Fire Tablet Problems and How to Fix Them, How to fix no sound / audio issues on Amazon Fire Tablet, How to fix keyboard / typing issues on Amazon Fire Tablet, How to fix “An internal error occurred” on Amazon Fire Tablet, How to fix Amazon Fire Tablet that won’t connect to PC, How to fix screen flickering on Amazon Fire Tablet, How to fix Amazon Fire Tablet that stuck on Fire logo screen, How to fix battery draining too fast on Amazon Fire Tablet, How to fix liquid detection issues on Amazon Fire Tablet. Tap on General. Tap the gear icon in the top right-hand corner to launch Settings. 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Once inside “Accessibility”, tap “Vision” located at the topmost of the screen. How to turn off Voice Assistant. I was playing around with the phone, tuned on the feature, and now I can't scroll, and it tells me everything I'm doing. LG Rebel 4 Tutorial for Beginners (Part 1). To enable Voice Assistant, you have to disable TTS (Text to speech) and several other features. Tap the “Voice Assistant” option until a blue outline appears around it. Select the button to deactivate. how to turn off voice assistant on samsung galaxy s8 how do i turn off voice assistant on samsung how do i turn off voice assistant on android how to turn off voice assistant on galaxy note 9. ‘Bixby Voice’ being the most frequently used feature, let’s start with this one. Let us know what you think by giving a comment below. Your email address will not be published. Tap here to enter the “Voice Assistant” menu. • To hear and copy the last thing voice assistant said. Chances are you're turning off Bixby to switch to Google Assistant, but if you're trying to go completely voice assistant free, we also have instructions for How to Turn Off Google Assistant. For more Samsung tips, see our story on 11 Useful Samsung Galaxy Features You Won't Find on the Google Pixel . Here’s how you can disable it: So, that’s how you turn off Voice Guide on Samsung TVs. 6. Once inside “Accessibility”, continue by tapping “Vision” twice. tap the screen with 3 fingers. But if you don’t need this accessibility feature on, you can easily turn it off. Slide up the home screen to open the app drawer. Tap Voice Assistant. Note that you can also turn off Google Assistant at specific times. Navigations will only need to take one finger when swiping or tapping. Go back to the main screen. It is to prevent accidentally enabling Voice Assistant again. On the other hand, many users have mistakenly activated this feature although they don’t need them. Here’s how to turn off Voice Assistant on Samsung, whether it is on smartphones or TVs. With Talkback active, follow these steps : Step 1 : With two fingers touch, access your Settings > double tap Accessibility . On the Settings app, find this option, and once again, remember to double-tap to access it. Below we’ll explain how to turn off the S Voice home button shortcut on the Samsung Galaxy J7. If you have any problem with him, we will solve it today. This step applies to users who have never set up Voice Assistant before. Select “General” and then select “Accessibility”. Tap on Google Assistant. Use the down key to scroll down. Read also: Samsung Galaxy A10e Review: Pros and Cons. • To hear items on the screen in order after the currently selected item. Whether you have a smart clock, smart display, or a smart speaker and you want to turn Google Assistant off temporarily, you can easily do it. Change the slider into “OFF”. How to Disable Voice Assistant in SAMSUNG Galaxy A40? If you have any problem with him, we will solve it today. Tap the Home button to close the app. If you want to reactivate it, you can follow the same steps above. Hope this helps. This feel reveals the TV menus on the screen.